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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

John Digby Ltd is now offering a brand new, progressive programme called ‘Managing Mental Health in the Workplace’ in which we help businesses understand the importance of managing employee’s mental health, whilst also acknowledging their significance in the company.

In the year 2016-2017, government statistics state that 12.5 million working days were lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety. Additionally, of course, employees with mental health issues may still be in the workplace but their productivity may suffer as a consequence. This highlights the importance in 2018 to ensure the business is supporting employees who have mental health issues and proactively taking actions to prevent them.

Although implementing a helpline for employees is commonly used with some success, this is simply the first step in developing a stringent and comprehensive plan to manage mental health. It should also be remembered the stigma which is still often attached to such issues and so a helpline is unlikely to be 100% effective.

Here at John Digby Ltd, we have received comprehensive training in mental health and are keen to assist you in enhancing the culture of your business to offer a ‘positive psychology’ ethos to your employees.

This one day programme, which can be held internally or as a public course, is advantageous to employees at all levels within a business structure. Managers will find this particularly beneficial in developing tools to better manage their subordinates.

Twenty five years of business

This month, John Digby Ltd celebrates twenty five years of business. Having worked in many industries with employees at all levels, John Digby has built up comprehensive training and mentoring strategies which can be tailored to fit any business model.