Bespoke Business Solutions

We offer training of how to construct a coherent business plan, not just a template with headings. Working with our clients we create a plan that everyone can be proud of and that contributes to the effective running of the business.

Business Planning

Most companies attempt business plans – many because they have been asked to do one by the bank or their stakeholders. We believe that a business plan should be the ‘heart’ of the business, communicating with all parts of what enables the business to function.

We work with the senior people in an organisation to develop the business plan that will work for them. Not by just giving them a template for them to populate but by understanding the business issues that affect their business. We help them develop initiatives for the coming years, understand the critical issues that will affect them and plan for ‘doomsday’ as well as the crucial day to day issues in the business.

When something happens, could it have been anticipated? If it could then it should have been and it will form part of the business plan itself. Often we start our support in this area by carrying out a business ‘health check’ – this will help establish the way forward and what support is needed.

Processes & Procedures

We can also review and improve existing company processes and procedures or can set up new, tailor made ones, just for you. This can be in relation to appraisals, sales planning and reporting etc. Thus enabling your company to run as smoothly as possible.

Contact us to book your free health check with one of our experienced consultants.

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