About Us

A Smarter Philosophy ~ A Smarter Approach ~ A Smarter Understanding ~ A Smarter Training Delivery

  • We believe in working closely with our clients and take the time to understand what’s different about our clients’ businesses
  • We approach each client with a view to provide a bespoke solution based on their needs
  • From one person on a public training course to in-company tailored programmes to specific projects within an organisation
  • Because we are experts in the areas that are common between companies we work with most industries including aerospace, construction, financial services, engineering, automotive, chemical, IT and retail
  • We are also flexible enough to work with companies of all sizes from blue chip plc’s to companies with fewer than 10 employees
  • We take the time before we start, at our expense, to understand what you want to achieve and make sure everything we do will fit the culture of your company
  • The style is highly interactive with minimal lecture content – not a corporate paint by numbers style offered by many other companies. We make learning fun – if people enjoy themselves, they are far more likely to remember what they learn
  • Established in 1993 by a qualified Psychologist who effects behavioural change through working with people’s psychological make – up

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